Dunk or Dive

Brand: Waboba
SKU: WB595C01
UPC: 840001959507
Ages: 3


Make a splash with Dunk or Dive! Our exclusive new pool toss game features a floating ring and 4 dive balls designed to sink. Made for pool play, players compete to see who can get their balls to land in the net first. Miss the shot? Guess that means you’re going swimming! 

•               Pool Toss Game

•               Floating Ring & Dive Ball Set

•               1 floating ring and 4 dive balls 

•               Dive balls made of sand

•               Dive Ball Weight: 91.7 grams

•               Ring size: 

•               Ages 8+


Warning: Use caution when diving for the balls. Avoid shallow water. Children should be accompanied by an adult. Adult supervision recommended.