Stortz Inc. is a leading Canadian distributor that continues to expand its offerings of award-winning, media-starring, innovative, fun, playable, eco-friendly, safe, toys and gifts!

We serve our Canadian customers from coast to coast from our Toronto warehouse. 

Stortz Toys distributes curated quality lines exclusively in Canada and is pleased to offer selection. 

We are committed to our retail partners through both quality and service. 

We love participating in Canadian trade shows throughout the year, allowing us to talk to our current and new customers in person to show our products. There is something to be said for talking shop in the shop! Stortz Toys firmly believes in the modern way, so when we cannot meet in person, we have a fully integrated website to place orders.  Even for the tech-averse, it is easy to use. How good is that? We understand that shop-owners, retailers, and corporate buyers have extremely demanding jobs, so we are constantly updating our system to help you as best we can.

To achieve superior customer service we employ a knowledgeable and caring sales team. We want all of our customers to have access to the most up to date information on what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s on promotion!

We love toys, and we love Canadian retailers!