Outdoor Discover Power Panel (Loaded)

Brand: TOYSMITH- Beetle&Bee OutDiscover
SKU: TS-6024
UPC: 085761295896
Ages: 3


With its eye-catching and compact design, the Outdoor Discover Power Panel is perfect for placing at the end of aisles and near check-out counters for impulse items. It has 5 tiers of shelves to hold an abundance of products and includes individually packaged Safety Whistles, 5-in-1 Survival Tools, Ultra Bright 3D Lights shaped like animals, 3X Magnifications, and Outdoor Bingo (each with 4 reusable bingo cards).

Each product is clearly marked on the panel itself. Place in the camping section to grab customer attention. Panel is lime green with Outdoor Discovery branding.

The display is included for free!


  • TS-4805 Survival Bracelet x 12
  • TS-5091 Survival Compass x 16
  • TS-9607 Critter Headlamp x 6
  • TS-6938 Folding Binocular x 16
  • TS-6020 Outdoor Bingo x 12


Age Grade: 8+

Product Dimensions/Weight: 16.92 L x 11.81 W x 58.66 H / 24.49 lb

Inner Pack Dimensions/Weight: 16.92 L x 11.81 W x 58.66 H / 7.66 lb

Made in: China

Batteries not required