Square Gel Floor Tile - Orange

Brand: Liquid Floor Tile
UPC: 6924663919322
Ages: 2


These liquid floor tiles also stimulate sensory and perceptual development

Each of these unique tiles is filled with the perfect match of colour and liquid to create an astonishing display of bubbles, streams, and pools that react to your footsteps.

It's like surfing on the ground! For an even cooler effect, balance your Spooner Board on it!

Create unique, interactive play spaces in your retail space, toy shop, art room, kids room, bathroom, den, basement- It will enhance every space! This amazing tile mesmerizes kids and grownups.

Put the tiles in front of the sink to add a thrilling twist of excitement to dish washing, or keep kids busy entertained while brushing their teeth. Try setting them up in a reading nook or play area.

Set one foot onto one of these tiles and you'll be mesmerized for hours!

These liquid floor tiles also stimulate sensory and perceptual development

  • Bright cosmic liquid color that moves with every step, jump, dance, or hop
  • Encourages cause-effect learning, sensory exploration, calmness
  • Colour, design, and play combine into one astonishing experience
  • Perfect for the playroom, living room, or anywhere you want
  • A powerful and beautiful way to enhance your child's environment
  • Includes one tile
  • Tiles each measure 19.5 x 19.5 inches
  • Special polymer material - Abrasion-resistant,
  • Super durable tile!
  • Maximum environment temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Tile features an Anti – slip back side pad!
  • Tile is leak-proof with a non-toxic cosmetic liquid inside
Click on the video on the tab above to see how awesome these are!
These tiles are sold individually
Actual colour may differ slightly from image.