Giant Microbes Bundle

Brand: GIANTmicrobes
Ages: 3


Interested in Giant Microbes but Not sure where to start? Here is a selection of best-selling Giant Microbes to get you started.
Includes a Counter Display.

  • GMUS-PD-0167           Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • GMUS-PD-0100           Brain Cell
  • GMUS-PD-0772           Water Bear
  • GMUS-PD-0360           Heart (Heart Organ)
  • GMUS-PD-0099           Brain organ
  • GMUS-PD-0016           Antibody
  • GMUS-PD-0160           Common Cold
  • GMUS-PD-0800           White Blood Cell
  • GMUS-PD-0610           Red Blood Cell
  • GMUS-PD-0220           E.Coli
  • GMUS-PD-0200           DNA
  • GMUS-PD-0710           Sperm Cell
  • GMUS-PD-2001           Animal Cell
  • GMUS-PD-0101           Grad Brain Cell - Regular Plush
  • GMUS-PD-0430           Kissing Disease
  • GMUS-PD-2002           Plant Cell
  • GMUS-PD-0585           Poop
  • GMUS-PD-0735           T4
  • GMUS-PD-0108           Cancer
  • GMUS-PD-0070           Black Death
  • GMUS-PD-0400           HIV
  • GMUS-HT-2041           Caffeine
  • GMUS-PD-0640           Salmonella
  • GMUS-PD-0528           Muscle Cell (extendable)