The Original Sensory Ball, See-Me 7" Yellow

Brand: Edushape
UPC: 7290019596318
Ages: 6m


The Original Sensory Balls by Edushape are the highest quality Sensory Balls in the market. Edushape invented the world’s first Sensory Ball in 1997 and has since launched over 20 different variations of the Original Sensory Ball with different colours, textures, and shapes.

Sensory Balls are a universal child development toy. If there is a universal child development toy, these balls are it!

Varied textures and colours enable tactile sensory development no matter the age, varied sizes enable development of fine motor skills, and their bounciness entices babies to run around and play leading to gross motor skill enhancement.

This Original Sensory Ball is a single transparent 7'' ball. It comes in a variety of colours!

Ages: 6 months +