BigMouth x Squishmallow Fifi the Fox Beach Blanket

Brand: BigMouth Floats & Access.
SKU: BMBT-4373
UPC: 840092704680
Ages: 3


What could be better than lounging out on the beach or by the pool? Lounging on our BigMouth x Squishmallows Fifi the Fox beach blanket, of course! This huge beach blanket is perfect for your next trip to the beach, or even just to hang out in your backyard! There is just something that makes sprawling out on this 5 foot wide FiFi the Fox beach blanket that adds a little extra fun to your next trip to the pool or beach. The extra wide design of the towel means you finally have ample space to stretch out and work on that tan. Use it to soak up some rays or towel off after a quick dip in the water!