Penguin Snow Tube

Brand: BigMouth SnowTube & Inflat-A-Pal
SKU: BMST-4012
UPC: 840092703515
Ages: 8


Ever wanted to be a penguin? We can't really help with that. But we can at least give you an inflatable snow tube that looks like a penguin — and lets you slide like one. Simply inflate, find a snowy hill, then grab the comfort grip handles and blast off. The thick, durable construction provides a smooth and cushy ride for sledders of all ages.

  • it’s a 4-foot wide Penguin you can ride on
  • ultra-durable heavy gauge PVC vinyl construction
  • rugged, comfort grip handles
  • deflates for off-season storage
  • robust, RF welded seams
  • smooth, cushy ride
  • fun for ages 8 to 80