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Brand: SuncoatGirl
SKU: SUN00815
Ages: 3


Suncoatgirl kids nail polish is water based & peels off, no nail polish remover is needed.

Each bottle is made with up to 70% water

No chemical fumes! Only water evaporates into the air when applied, healthier for your body and the environment

Peels off, no nail polish remover is needed

Odourless, non toxic

No chemical solvents! Free of toluene, formaldehyde, phthalate plasticizers, acetates, alcohol, acetone

Fun, vibrant colours derived from minerals and natural colourants

Durable, will not come off when washing hands or taking a shower

Cruelty free

Non flammable, not a safety hazard

Made in Canada

 Size: 9ml/ea.