Foxtail Fetch

Brand: Summer Water Toys & Outdoor
Ages: 8


  • ✔ 25 YEAR OLD BRAND! The Foxtail brand started in 1992 with a high-school teacher. Foxtail has sold to millions of happy customers over the years.
  • ✔ INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Foxtail Fetch is the best fetch toy around! It's EASY and FUN to throw incredible distances. You don't have to throw these toys like a baseball. Instead, when you spin to throw your shoulder never has to work.
  • ✔ DURABLE: The Foxtail Fetch uses a tooth defiant rubber ball, heavy-duty ripstop nylon tail and a triple-stitched construction. That said, this is a fetch toy, and due to using fabric, is not a good chew toy. It will tear if a dog sits down to chew it!
  • ✔ Easy to throw long distance: You simply swing by the tail and release. The momentum created by spinning is far greater than by a traditional overhand throw. The result? Easy to throw, flies surprisingly far!
  • ✔ Make your dog the happiest dog around! Exhaust your dog with 50 yard throws using minimum effort. It's easy for anyone, young and old.