Sublife - Alexander

Brand: Sublife
SKU: SL-120111
Ages: 3


Sublife works in a bathtub, aquarium, tank and even a swimming pool!

They go underwater like real submarines. They can dive to over 6 feet deep and re-surface by themselves again and again!

Dive into a world of fun with SUBlife!

  • Your first submarine!
  • Collector card included
  • Charges with a USB
  • Collect them all!

Meet Alexander!

Alexander is the #1 partner of King. They're both a perfect match, ready to be called for any trouble. One is responsible for the law, and the other for extraction, rescue and of course, firefighting.

He's also adored by everyone, and especially by the kids who love seeing him in action. He's a big source of inspiration for them, and many dream to be life him when they grow up!