Undercover Angel Disguise

Brand: Squishable Minis
SKU: SQU-106978
Ages: 3


Need some miraculous guidance in your life? From a Corgi/Bunny/Panda/Kitty/Whatever? Me too!

The Undercover Agent who wears this disguise is on a mission to sit on your shoulder and give you good advice!

Ask it for cleaning tips! Ask it for the perfect recipe to bake a light and fluffy angel food cake! Or ask it for a supernaturally snuggly hug - they can do that too!

Completely removable 7" Angel disguise! Fits any Squishable Undercover Agent base animal (Bunny, Kitty, or Corgi)!

This disguise is not made to fit standard Squishable Minis...even though it still might.