Undercover Mint Unicorn Disguise

Brand: Squishable
SKU: SQU-106893
Ages: 3


So you're picking out the perfect outfit for the night, and you want something magical with a refreshing twist.

And there it is! In its minty green glory with its silver sparkle horn - you know this is the one.

Ever have that feeling? That's exactly how every Bunny, Kitty, and Corgi agent feels when they are given a mission in the Mint Unicorn Disguise.

Only, this isn't just for nightly fashion - it's for seriously cute Undercover business!


Completely removable 7" Mint Unicorn disguise! Fits any Squishable Undercover Agent base animal (Bunny, Kitty, or Corgi)!

This disguise is not made to fit standard Squishable Minis...even though it still might.