Comfort Food Snow Cone

Brand: Squishable
SKU: SQU-100471
Ages: 3


Put down your smartphones and stop dodging those self-driving cars, because Snow Cones are the true sign that the future is here!

This colorful culinary delight got its start way back when ice came by way of huge slabs of frozen water cut out of lakes in the winter, to be stored for the hot and thirsty summertime set! And you know what else you could do with those giant blocks of ice?

Scrape one down, douse it with flavored syrup and - bam! - delicious treat! 

And yet, miracle of miracles, these days, we can make ice at home! Could you imagine being able to press a button on your refrigerator to dispense a nicely charred steak, rather than waiting for someone to find a cow?

Not unless you're a sci-fi writer describing a utopian future of convenient abundance! So until then, we can slurp on our snow cones, appreciating them as the adorable harbingers of technological progress they are!