Comfort Food Pancakes

Brand: Squishable
SKU: SQU-104479
Ages: 3


What's the best way to eat pancakes? It's a debate throughout the ages.

In the Great Syrup Skirmish of 1840, the Syrup-Soakers squared off against the Syrup-Savers in one of the stickiest squabbles ever seen.

This was only later eclipsed by the Fruit-On-Top's versus the Just-Butter's contest that forever changed culinary culture. 

After the great truce between the great House Flapjack and House Hotcakes, a peace has settled over the land. A land where breakfast lovers are free to eat their pancakes however they please.

In this exciting world of innovation, the only limit is how high your imagination and pancake stack can soar! 

15 squishy inches of Gentle Griddlecakes. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only! op