Squishable Micro Display - Option B

Brand: Squishable Micros
SKU: SQU-104004B
Ages: 3


Squishable Micro Display Option A (26 Micros + 2 offset with display)

This is a pre selected assortment of micro squishables.

With the purchase of the cardboard display, receive 2 micro squishables as an offset. 

Selection is subject to inventory availability. Substitutions may be made.


2 Micro Squishable Avocado

2 Micro Pink Donut
2 Micro Squishable Gray Kitty
2 Micro Shrimp Sushi
2 Micro Bulldog
2 Micro Squishable T-Rex
2 Micro Squishable Fuzzy Bumblebee
2 Micro Pineapple
2 Micro Squishable S'more
1 Micro Squishable Grilled Cheese
2 Micro Gingerbread
2 Micro Squishable PuppyCat
2 Micro Snail
1 Micro Squishable Narwal
2 Micro Soft Serve
Micro Display