Small World Bundle 3- Ultimate
Small World Toys
Small World Bundle 3- Ultimate
Brand: Small World Toys
Ages: 8+

Here is a great selection from Small World Toys for different ages, interests and abilities!

Something for all the kids on your customers' shopping list:

This is the perfect bundle for the creative crafters.

Sew it, glue it, Sparkle it, think it, build it.

Refer to individual listing for product descriptions.

Product Code Product QTY
SW-5835 Haute Couture Fashion Studio 2
SW-6001 Haute Couture Bridal Party 2
SW-5693 Pottery Wheel & Splash Art Studio 2
SW-6173 3D Printing Pen - Jewelry Art 2
SW-6174 3D Printing Pen- Automotive Studio 2
SW-6112 Luxury Mani-Pedi Nail Spa 2
SW-5989 Automatic Nail Salon 2
SW-5858 Engraver's Jewelry Studio 3
SW-6086 Top Chic Rainbow 3
SW-6209 Ombre Hair Art 4
SW-6215 Crystal Gems Jewelry 6
SW-5985 Aphrodite Bracelets 2
SW-6194 Snap & Swap Jewelry - Aquamarine 2
SW-5466 Active Detective 3
SW-6175 54 Fun Electronic Experiments 3
SW-6139 Sky Rider 3
SW-5441 Rock 'N' Paint 3
SW-6145 Stylish Scarf 3
SW-6081 Sew Me Animals - Tiger 3
SW-6212 3D Pen Refill in Red & Yellow 2
SW-6227 3D Pen Refill in Black & White 2
SW-6226 3D Pen Refill in Pink & Purple 2