Plush Crush (Display of 12)

Brand: Scentco
Ages: 3


What’s Plush Crush? It’s a collectible series of backpack hangable plush characters packaged in a puzzle ball you throw and crush to open! Throw, crush, and collect all of the Crushie Crew! Which one will you get?

Recommended Use: Throw the puzzle ball against carpet, grass, or something that will somewhat cushion the impact. This will help prolong the puzzle ball’s lifespan so you can re-assemble it over and over again!

  • There are 12 plush characters to collect
  • You can reassemble the ball over and over again!
  • This cool product is not scented (many of our other products are).
  • Ages 3+
A viral posting leads to Toy of the Year Award

Following a TikTok video posting for Plush Crush that went viral in June, Plush Crush won top prize in August for Toy of the Year as awarded by Creative Child Magazine.

Plush Crush

When a product really starts to take off, it’s very exciting for everyone involved.  From the product development team, to the R&D team, to the marketing team, and to the sales network, it’s a collaborative effort.  Congratulations to all involved!

See the video that has been viewed 5.8 million times in just 2 months: