Hot Wheels - Action Sky Crash Tower

Brand: Mattel
Ages: 5


The Hot Wheels Sky Crash Tower is designed for ultimate motorized crashing and racing action with a massive super-cool footprint up to 2 feet high! Kids can boost their vehicles up and up to the sky for a super-cool jump and the most epic mid-air crashes ever! The tower provides parking for 20+ cars and an orange track that loops multiple times providing amazing stunting action with a motorized booster for leveraging competition and improving stunting and racing skills. Kids can race multiple cars at the same time. They can add more and more cars to create their most epic crashes ever! The Sky Crash Tower set folds up for easy storage and includes one Hot Wheels vehicle.


  • Kids can race multiple cars at the same time and add more and more vehicles for sky-high crashes!
  • Designed for the ultimate crashing and racing action with a tower for storing 20+ cars 2 feet high!
  • Boost cars up to the sky for outrageous jumps that hone skills with looping orange track and epic mid-air crashing stunts!
  • The Sky Crash Tower has a motorized booster for awesome action, it's an impressive 2-feet tall set that kids love and folds up easily to take On-the-Go (instructions included)
  • Comes with one Hot Wheels vehicle. Great gift idea for kids 5 to 10 years and older