Flushin Frenzy Overflow

Brand: Mattel
Ages: 5


Flushin' Frenzy® Overflow™ is 3 times the fun because there's 3 times the poop!  Flushin' Frenzy® was great but had one piece of poop.

Flushing Frenzy® Overflow™ has three! Each player must roll the dice and flush the toilet as many times as the number they roll.

The water level RISES with every flush. Watch out -- when it gets too high, it will overflow and send the poop flying! Like musical chairs, there's always one more player than there are pieces of poop, so kids must catch the poop to stay in the game! When it's down to two, the player who grabs the last poop WINS!

Makes a great gift for kids ages 5 years old and up. Colors and decorations may vary.