Marshmallow Shooter - Original

Brand: Marshmallow Fun Co.
SKU: MMS1100
Ages: 6


This clever, pump-action device fires miniature marshmallows approximately 30 feet on a line.

The easy-to-fill and refill magazine holds 25 marshmallows and is top-rack, dishwasher safe to clean.

Designed with kids in mind, the Marshmallow Shooter is fun for ages 6+ and provides a soft, hearty laugh on impact.

Join the party and pass the marshmallows, it’s time to battle hard and play soft!

This single-action, lock-and-load unit fires one marshmallow at a time — it's time to lock and reload and continue having a blast!


Product Features:

  • Shoots marshmallows up to 30 feet or more
  • Red tipped for safety. 
  • Outdoor- indoor play