ToyBracelet 72pc CDU

Brand: Impulse under $5 & deals
Ages: 3



It's not just a bracelet. It's a ToyBracelet.

  • Limited quantity available of each colour
  • Helps others in need by donating a toy to a child in the hospital
  • Designed by the MIKEYRICH community
  • Stretches easily over wrist
  • Material: Rubber/Silicone

    Two sizes fit most in the display:

  •  Regular (fits most wrists) 6.5" circumference (16.5cm)
  • Large (fits larger wrists) 7" circumference(17.7cm)
  • CDU has an assortment of different colours and patterns.


    The TOY ToyBracelet™ helps kids, in the thousands of children hospitals around the world, by providing them with toys.

    It's easy to forget that not every child gets the happy, easy life they deserve. Something as simple as giving a child a toy can turn a dull day in the hospital into a special one. By purchasing this ToyBracelet, you can do just that.

    For every TOY ToyBracelet sold, a toy is donated to a children's hospital to help a kid who needs it most.