Dream Catcher Pool Float
Dream Catcher Pool Float  Dream Catcher Pool Float 
Dream Catcher Pool Float
Brand: BigMouth OUTDOORS
SKU: BMPF-0077
Ages: 8+

The pool float of your dreams is finally here.

A summer without the perfect BigMouth float sounds like a nightmare!  The new 4-foot long Dreamcatcher Pool Float is filled with sparkles and is the perfect place to catch up on some ZZZ’s poolside.

Once you’re ready to wake up and face reality (wah!), simply deflate and store it for the next season.

  • over 4 feet long!
  • infused with sparkles
  • sized right for big bun fun in any size pool
  • easy to wipe down, inflate/deflate, and store
  • great for pool parties and beach days