Squishable Mini Cactus
Squishable Mini Cactus  Squishable Mini Cactus 
Squishable Minis
Squishable Mini Cactus
Brand: Squishable Minis
SKU: SQU-104882
Ages: 3+

Why do all of my plants meet an untimely end? Even the "fool-proof" ones: apparently they haven't met this fool!

Air plants, spider plants, succulents, cactuses, it doesn't matter. If it's green, it will soon be brown. 

Does this describe your relationship with anything containing chlorophyll? Well guess what! T

he Mini Squishable Cactus requires no sun, water, or soil! It will thrive even on the most dimly lit desk! Its healthy, verdant color will ask for nothing in return except a smile and maybe some hugs.

It also has a 0% chance of prickling you during cuddles! Because we know you cuddle cactuses all the time. Or at least, you will now! 7 squishy inches of cuddly chlorophyll! All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!