Mini Squishable Prism Turtle
Mini Squishable Prism Turtle  Mini Squishable Prism Turtle 
Squishable Minis
Mini Squishable Prism Turtle
Brand: Squishable Minis
SKU: SQU-104547
Ages: 3+

Ancient humans thought the whole world was carried on the back of a turtle. It sounds like a fun time for the humans, but what about the poor turtle? There are better jobs than carrying literally everything on your back. Actually, pretty much any job at all would be better! Want to take a vacation? You can't, because all of existence is on that space you can't reach when you're applying sunscreen! There's nowhere to go! 

This here fella found a much better gig! See, he's just got a rainbow on his back. It's not heavy and it's colorful as all get-go! Most importantly, there are things that are not on his back! Like ice cream shops! And mini-golf! And who doesn't like mini-golf? 7 squishy inches of actually, I can take or leave mini-golf. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!