Mini Honey Bear
Mini Honey Bear 
Squishable Minis
Mini Honey Bear
Brand: Squishable Minis
SKU: SQU-746627
Ages: 3+

Why are some bottles of honey bear-shaped? It's not what you think—Bears do indeed like honey—but the real reason for this unusually-shaped vessel is even simpler: Bears are awesome. Honey is awesome. Awesome things deserve to be put in awesome shapes. 

If the Honey-Bear-awesome nexus holds true, perhaps other awesome things should be made bear-shaped as well! Perhaps I should drink my tea (thick with honey, obvs!) out of a bear-shaped mug! Then I should get on a bear-shaped train to go to work! At a 15-story bear-shaped tower! That actually sounds like the best day ever! 

Anyway, while we go find us an architect to design us a bear-building, might I suggest something else bear-shaped: a Bear. And it's a Mini version of the Squishable Honey Bear, which, as we have already proved, is even more awesome. Honey + Bear: what better shape could there be? 

7 cuddly inches of simply the Bearstest, poly fill, ages 3 and up!