Squishable Mushroom
Squishable Mushroom  Squishable Mushroom  Squishable Mushroom 
Squishable Mushroom
Brand: Squishable
SKU: SQU-103182
Ages: 3+

Cast aside the spinach and kale! When you want to grow big and strong, reach for this legendary fungus! Munch on just one and you're ready to handle any job! Like…plumbing! Let's say you're an animated plumber, bouncing through a world of bricks and pipes. The mighty Mushroom is packed with the power to help you earn that coin and meet the Princess (or Prince) of your dreams! 

So grow (hur hur) to love this fella and his cuddly cap! One-up (ahh I can’t stop making puns!) your friends with this adorable Mushroom! 

15 squishy inches of completely original Mushroom, polyester fiber, ages 3 and up!