Squishable Boston Terrier
Squishable Boston Terrier  Squishable Boston Terrier  Squishable Boston Terrier 
Squishable Boston Terrier
Brand: Squishable
SKU: SQU-103748
Ages: 3+

Do you always forget to RSVP to the cotillion? Are you confounded between the correct methods of addressing a viscount, baroness and/or pasha? Have we got the dog for you! The Boston Terrier is known far and wide as the "American Gentlemen," and not just because he never takes off his tuxedo - he's one precocious protocol pup! Whether it's a state dinner or a polo tournament, this perfect little gentleman knows the exact verbiage with which to tell the hosts, "pardon my absence, as I have already made arrangements for a social call with some big blankets, a plate of soft-baked cookies and some streaming television." 15 squishy inches of social graces. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only.