Blacklight Keychain
Putty World
Blacklight Keychain
Brand: Putty World
Ages: 8+

New technology puts the power of a fluorescent blacklight in your hands. This keychain is tiny, lightweight, and makes Glow in the Dark Thinking Putty go absolutely CRAZY.

What can I do with my Blacklight Keychain?

Play with Glow in the Dark Thinking Putty!

Draw words, pictures, patterns and shapes all over your Glow in the Dark Thinking Putty. Or give it a little "recharge" without turning on the lights. Check this out for much more detail.

Perform Currency Analysis!

US currency, as well as paper money from many other countries, has hidden features that are only revealed under ultraviolet light. You are probably aware of the "security strip" inside new US bills, but did you know that each denomination glows a different color?


Examine Fluorescent Minerals!

Different minerals glow in different colors under blacklight. "Crazy Aaron, I'm no rock collector and I don't have any 'minerals' laying around!", you say. Try using the Blacklight Keychain with some of your jewelry! Ruby, sapphire, amber, agate, opal, and quartz are just some of the minerals that glow. Neat!

View Invisible Inks!

We won't give all the secrets away but, with the Blacklight Keychain, you can see the hidden "keystone" symbols on the back of Crazy Aaron's Pennsylvania driver's license. Check your credit cards, passport, personal checks, and other official documents for all sorts of hidden messages.