Starter Display for Solo Clips
Lily and Momo
Starter Display for Solo Clips
Brand: Lily and Momo
SKU: LM-CounterDisp.
Ages: 3+

Lily and Momo collection features hair clips, clip keepers and headbands with packaging made from recycled paper.

Handmade and with the philosophy of “Happy Together”. These are accessories that girls’ love to wear.

This is not your typical hair bow company, they bring a fresh and updated twist to girls’ accessories.


Why struggle choosing which Lily & Momo solo clips to add to your display when we can choose for you!


This countertop display includes:

1 x Cardboard Lily & Momo retail display (included free of charge)

2 x HCA383 Pretty Pear

2 x HCA-365 Ollie Octopus

2 x HCA-377 Silver Sparkle Fairy

2 x HCA-386 Teacher's Apple

2 x HCA-384 Lovely Lemon

2 x HCA-364 Later Alligator

2 x HCA- 361 Glitter Girl

2 x HCA- 374 Moonlight Flower

2 x HCA- 373 Fancy Cake

2 x HCA- 366 Lollipop & Lace

2 x HCA- 375 Girl Power

2 x HCA- 382 Beautiful Birdie

2 x HCA- 387 Moonbeam Flower

2 x HCA- 363 Soul Surfer

2 x HCA- 385 Pint Size Pineapple

2 x HCA- 368 Sparkle Sundae

2 x HCA- 369 Beautiful Butterfly

2 x HCA- 389 Glitter Bow Lilac

2 x HCA- 362 Stardust Flower

2 x HCA- 370 Whale Tail


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