Cork Board & Signage
Cork Board & Signage 
Lily and Momo
Cork Board & Signage
Brand: Lily and Momo
Ages: 3+

We have had such positive feedback to our trade show display that we have created one for you!

This corkboard allows you to display your Lily & Momo hair clips in a whimsical way.


  • One (1) 15 ¼” x 22 ¾” cork board with a white frame
  • Fifteen (15) clear thumb tacks
  • Two (2) metal clips to attach to the wall if required. You decide if you would like the frame to hang horizontally or vertically.
  • One (1) printed Lily & Momo sign with strips of double sided tape already attached that you can stick to the board or attach to the wall

Here is a display that we have prepared for a customer.

Try this one or create your own!

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