Mini Squishable Axolotl II
Mini Squishable Axolotl II  Mini Squishable Axolotl II  Mini Squishable Axolotl II 
Squishable Minis
Mini Squishable Axolotl II
Brand: Squishable Minis
SKU: SQU-812735
Ages: 3+

You know who really loves Axolotls? Scientists! They're totally fascinated by these itty bitty creatures native to a couple lakes in central Mexico. They start off sciencey and experimental, but then something strange happens… 

"Look at this wittle wesearch subject! See its adorable wittle neotenic features! Awww those tiny wittle gills, rarely pwesent in other, less adowable adult amphwibians - don't you just want to pinch their wittle cheeks? Eeee dat big, happy smile!!!" 

For some unknown reason, leading research journals don't appreciate being reduced to cooing and giggling over their test subject. Their woss! I mean loss! 

7 squishy inches of adowable amphwibian, polyester fiber, ages 3 and up!