Starter Kit #3
Starter Kit #3  Starter Kit #3  Starter Kit #3 
Starter Kit #3
Brand: Snap't
SKU: DU0001-3
Ages: 3+

 This Snap't starter kit includes an excellent variety of bases and snaps for your customers to customize their own creations!


1x Gold Headband Base

1x Black Headband Base

1x Choker Base

1x Black Bracelet Base

1x Gold Bracelet Base

1x Necklace with Unicorn and the Dog Snap


1x pom poms black Layer

1x pom poms white Layer


1x Diamond Girl Snap

1x Halfsies Snap

1x Hamsa Love Snap

1x Mariposa Snap

1x Stardust Snap

1x The Pooch Snap

1x Pink Peace Snap


This includes a 3 snap product offset for the retail display already included