Scratch & Sniff Stickers No.2 Counter Display
Scratch & Sniff Stickers No.2 Counter Display 
Pokemon an Diecast
Scratch & Sniff Stickers No.2 Counter Display
Brand: Pokemon an Diecast
SKU: JFL-4101C
Ages: 3+

90 Piece Display

Trade 'em! Collect 'em all!

Dr. Stinky uses only the latest technology, highest quality materials and best safety practices to create the coolest scented products on the market today.

Each sticker contains an encapsulated scent carefully formulated and brought to life by colorful characters sure to please your senses. One limited edition secret scent sticker in each package.

Each package of Dr. Stinky's Scratch-N-Sniff Stickers contains 26 scented stickers (2 sheets) and 1 Limited Edition Sticker (hidden in sticker pack!).

Sticker sizes range from .75" round to 1.25" round plus one large 3.5" sticker.

This variety pack contains sticker pack from Series 2, including Orange, Gummi Bear, Brownie, Watermelon, Toothpaste, Pickle, Lemonade, Birthday Cake, Grape, Flower Power, Ketchup, and Cinnamon Roll. Each sticker pack has 2 sheets (26 stickers), 13 different fragrances plus 1 surprise sticker, for a total of 26 sticker sheets (351 stickers).

Fragrances are  (When a scent is out of stock, substitutions will be made.)

This is the Series 2 of Dr. Stinky stickers and the Limited Edition Hidden Sticker will be either French Toast, Waffles, Maple Syrup or Pancakes.

Kids can never have too many stickers! Make sure to have lots on hand for fun little projects – decorate, embellish, give them as gifts! Scratch and Sniff stickers are perfect for teachers, students and card senders.