Holiday Boot Shot Glass Set - 3 pack
BigMouth Glassware
Holiday Boot Shot Glass Set - 3 pack
Brand: BigMouth Glassware
SKU: BMSG-0001
Ages: 14+

The Holiday Boot Shot Glass Set

Holiday Cheer(s)!
Doing a shot by yourself isn’t all that merry, which is why our Holiday Boots Shot Glasses come as a set of three! Now, you can make naked snow angels in the neighbors lawn at 2:30am as a team.
They’re ceramic, which means they make a satisfying *tink* when they touch, and are super easy to clean. Let the games begin!
  • 3 pack of Holiday Boot Shot Glasses
  • ready for a night of drinking games, and the floor
  • high quality ceramic
  • makes a great holiday gift
  • funny and practical, year after year
  • easy to clean