Sharks Drink Floats (2pk)
Sharks Drink Floats (2pk)  Sharks Drink Floats (2pk)  Sharks Drink Floats (2pk) 
Sharks Drink Floats (2pk)
Brand: BigMouth OUTDOORS
Ages: 8+

Don’t let your drink sink

Duh dunt….duh dunt…duh dunt, duh dunt! If you got this far and realized that was the JJaws theme, you get 100 points!

Anyways, these beverage boats keep your standard size drink afloat with some bite. 

Sold as a 2-pack, each package contains all the sharks you could ever need in one hot tub. Want to go “Bruce” for the pool? Check this out!

  • keeps your drink afloat in the pool or hot tub
  • sold as a 2-pack
  • inflates fast, and easy to clean
  • great for the pool, parties, and more
  • collect them all!
We know how thirsty your customers are in this heat! Let's do what we can to keep their beverages cool!
50% off Beverage Boats during the HEAT WAVE! 
While supplies last and the temperature is hot hot hot!